Trading made easy

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Have you ever dreamt about a robot that automates your trading, your stock market analysis, your order placement?

Well, with Wojtek CS that’s about to be true.

Powerful AI

Powerful AI for stock screening and analysis.

Accurate Prediction

Intuitive machine learning model built-in for prediction accuracy.

Certified Signals

A set of flexible algorithms working together for an optimal decision making, certified by experts.

  • For Everyone
  • For Businesses

Start earning from the stock market and the bitcoin market, an app that destroys the barriers holding many from trading. And yes! You don’t need to learn anything. Reach out to us, and you are set for it.

  • No need to learn about financial analysis
  • No need to have years of experience
  • No need to worry about ups and downs

The AI got it all done for you!

If you are looking for something that will speed up your decision making, something different that will help your business to make faster and more reliable decisions, even before the market opens. No more stress, we got your back.

With WCS, you will be set to level up your business with:

  • A capable AI, learns the market behavior for you
  • Access to actionable output
  • Personalized AI based on your trading algorithms

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